Island Time®
The Show, the performers, the songs.....
Jimmy Buffett......most of you reading this will know who he is and probably know the words to most of his songs.
It's partly thanks to Jimmy's music that we are able to run the
"Island Time® ~ The Party With A Purpose". 
With that in mind we (the organisers) would like to make a point regarding this event and the musical content there in. While it is promoted as a Jimmy Buffett style show it is also only fair that the performers who appear be permitted to showcase some of their own songs if they so desire.  After all, these talented musicians are donating their performances free of charge to help us raise money for a worthy charity.  

What does this mean? 
                                        Nothing too serious, basically the night will be comprised of Buffett, Buffett and more Buffett.....but you might expect to hear each of the entertainers perform some of their own songs. 
Not even Jimmy Buffett plays an entire show of his own've all heard Brown Eyed Girl, Jamaica Farewell, Southern Cross, Tiki Time etc.

The entertainers that appear are very talented singer/songwriters in their own right and we endorse their right to perform some of their own songs.

With this in mind we trust you are aware that during the night you will not hear Buffett songs 100% of the time, what you can expect though is a real Buffett style show with mostly Buffett songs.
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